CW Challenge


The creative writing challenge is something that I’ve decided to try. There are plenty of these on the web, and I’ve combed through a bunch of them and tried to pick out things that will both bring interest and challenge for myself. It’s a 30-day challenge that I’m going to begin July 1. I’m going to try to organize these posts with the tag ‘cwchallenge’, so they are separate from the actual blog.

Here’s the challenge. There are no rules, just writing where the inspiration pushes.

Day 1: A place that you love
Day 2: I wish I were
Day 3: A moment in history
Day 4: The place you grew up
Day 5: The road goes ever on
Day 6: How yesterday’s event could have gone
Day 7: A poem
Day 8: What you want to be remembered for
Day 9: Hanging out in the cemetery
Day 10: A stranger
Day 11: Setting sail
Day 12: It could have been worse
Day 13: 15-step list ‘how to be…’
Day 14: Write something called ‘The End’ but it can’t be about a break up, death or the apocalypse
Day 15: Begin with ‘I noticed you were in a hurry…’
Day 16: The formula for happiness
Day 17: Write a short rhyming poem inspired by a book you recently read
Day 18: Self portrait
Day 19: An argument
Day 20: A letter left behind
Day 21: A couple
Day 22: Goodbye
Day 23: 100 words or less
Day 24: Family
Day 25: Favourite month
Day 26: A river
Day 27: Dialogue only
Day 28: Magic
Day 29: A favourite quote + more
Day 30: Childhood



  1. this is intriguing to me… my last photo challenge kept me using my camera… and I bet that this challenge will keep you moving as well.. I look forward to reading!

    1. i believe it’s important to actively engage in the things that move us…and life makes it hard sometimes. i’m hoping this gets me back concentrating on things that help fulfill me.
      i loved your photo challenge on instagram!

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