I am a creative-minded girl in my early-30s. I answer to mommy, mom, mama, Alison or Al. Not Ali. There was a day when I answered to Ali. That day has passed.

I read. I love to read. Sometimes I like to share the titles and stories I think you should read too.

I long for personal connection, but am lazy, so maintenance is hard..

I am the only girl who lives in my house. I am outnumbered by four human boys and one cat (also male).

‘Light in a Jar’ is actually the name of a business I started to satisfy an additional creative outlet [besides my day job, where I am creative director, designer, thinker and problem-solver extraordinaire] and my compulsive obsession with stationery. I think it’s a fitting name for my new blog.

My writing style is currently focussed on creative non-fiction. At this point, that’s mostly what you’ll find here (besides the book recommendations).

Life is not as I expected it to be.
I’m learning that that fact is not as uncommon as I once thought; as I had hoped it to be. It is what it is though, and it’s ok.

e: hello@lightinajar.ca


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