The Distance Between Us


The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

How it begins: My eyes burn a hole in the page. I should know this. I can usually dissect a science equation easily, but the answer isn’t coming to me.

I finished this book not all that long ago, and as I’m writing this, I’m struggling to remember many details of the story. Not to say that it was a bad read, I don’t finish books that I struggle to read. I usually give them one chapter, at the most two and if they are hard to get through, I put them down. So, that wasn’t the case with this book. The characters were cute. They could have been made more interesting with some deeper backstories, more attention to secondary characters, and such.

I finished the book, and now, it’s just meh. I put it in the ‘finished’ pile, but not necessarily the ‘remembered’ pile. It was ok, but it could have been better.


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