If I Stay

love doesn’t have to last to matter


If I Stay by Evan Reeves

How it begins: It’s official, Brandon sighed, shutting his laptop with an almost mournful look in his eyes. I will never in this lifetime be as hilarious as Nicholas Cage.

This was a quick and easy read. An, I-didn’t-know-I’d-be-your-student-but-now-I-am-what-are-we-to-do-with-all-this-passion kind of romances. To me, if followed some of the same story lines as the Crossfire series, but I didn’t care. The characters were cute, though not particularly deep. The ending was happy. The story was pretty predictable but written in a way that it was simple to get through, so I kept reading until I got to the end. Nothing special, but certainly not a waste of time either.


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