school is starting (i say with a sigh)

You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go — Bill Watterson (Calvin + Hobbes)


i don’t know what happened to summer.

although i am fully aware that this is the week i will face an empty house, as all three boys will be in school by friday, it doesn’t yet feel true.

we got scrubbed, fed and mostly packed and somehow had time left before bed. wanting to make the most of our last night of summer holidays, we all grabbed our ipads. it was minecraft time. (the four of us, daddy doesn’t play mine craft). the four of us joined together in a world of jack’s creation. the boys tend to play all unorganized and unruly. more interested in changing the colour of sheep and searching for creepers. mommy takes a very different approach. normally, when i play, i task them with crafting my much-needed supplies, they steal the resources i uncover and i mine, mine, mine.

those pixels sure do make them happy. until the competition starts. tonight, there was excitement and joy bouncing on mommy and daddy’s bed, tied together with a wifi bond. it was a wonderful mommy moment. until it wasn’t. the unorganized chaos of the boys’ gameplay means very little gathering of anything useful. so, when mommy hit iron, the race to find me was on. again, way more interested in just the building of a mine, i don’t care how much iron or gold or diamonds or anything i have, so i left the material where charlie got to it first. within thirty seconds charlie had been assassinated and everyone was wailing. oh, the horror.

the boys know that mommy doesn’t play if we are going to kill each other. so, jack was done. why did he task his little character to cause a necessary re-spawning of charlie’s ninja999? he wanted the iron and couldn’t wait for charlie to share. couldn’t wait for mommy to find more. he didn’t really know what he was going to use the iron for, his need for it just got away from him and the little pixel person controlled by his little brother paid the price.

game over.
boys in bed.
tears. remorse. sadness. ugh.

i was torn between chuckling over the excitement over a little game and feeling bad for the abrupt end. but discipline is nothing without follow through, and they have to learn that if we are going to play together, we are going to follow the rules we all agreed to.

these are the moments i feel time getting away. i hope that we’re doing alright by our boys. i pray for their friendship together and ponder about the number of nights left like this. the simplicity of a big bed, clean and fresh little boys, a mommy who wants to be present and hold on, and a game that helps us forget that school begins again tomorrow.



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