CW Challenge : Day 15


rivers know this — there is no hurry, we shall get there some day. — A.A. Milne

i noticed you were in a hurry today, to check your status, to upload your second of bliss, proving you are awesome, living an awesome life. i noticed you were in a hurry, so much so that by portraying that fantastic existence, you’re missing what’s real.

i noticed you were in a hurry and in your hurry, you’re missing out. you’ve got your head down and you’re focussed, and I get that, I really do. there are deadlines and appointments and emails and status updates. and maybe sometimes they deserve your hurry.

but really, what are you hurrying towards? why don’t you trade the hurry with some focus, or some peace?

we are all going to the same place, towards the same end. some of us go with more, some of us go with less. some of us go faster, some of us have more time.  so are we hurrying because we think we may not have enough time? or because we fear we don’t have time to acquire all we think we need?

we will get there. we will all get there. i think, as we navigate, the hurry should be reserved for…i don’t know. because, it’s only time, it’s only stuff, it’s only money. the hurry makes us miss the people, miss the moments, miss the lessons and the feelings. we miss the good stuff, sometimes the best stuff.

maybe there’s more to see, to feel, to acquire when we fight against the hurry. because we will get there, as we’re supposed to, as out trajectory dictates. some day, we will get there.

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