CW Challenge : Day 10


We walk the plank with strangers. — Sylvia Plath

it’s always a good day to interact with strangers. (that is, if you are an adult, in a place you feel [at least mostly] safe and your intuition isn’t sending off warning flares).

the moment of freedom to be as we are, in that moment is essential.

the trust afforded in the important junctures of our life is given, often to strangers. they deliver our babies, decide our fates, take our tickets so we can get to the next exciting place we’re going to. they sit beside us and talk. they sit beside us and listen. strangers offer us kindness, judgement, relief, connection, surprise, knowledge.

strangers become friends, as friends become strangers.

they are the happiest, loneliest, angriest, most concerned, aloof, giving, naive, educated, forthcoming, secretive, hurt humans walking around everyday. and sometimes the stranger is you.


thank you, reader for hanging in there with the challenge. i am behind and anything i say here will sound like (and likely be) just an excuse. i have demanding boys at home and summer is a sketchy time for concentration. i’m still working away – the 30 challenges will be completed, it just may take more than 30 days.

Here’s more on the Creative Writing Challenge


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