CW Challenge : Day 8


Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry. — Dr. Seuss

at the risk of sounding cynical or morbid, i do not believe i am meant for what most would call a long life. it’s just a feeling, and it’s not something i dwell on, ever, and i may be completely wrong.

there is never enough time though. never enough. for anyone. but i don’t dwell on that either.

if it were up to me, there would be no headstone. there would be no body. grieving would be optional and personal. no judgement.

i seek no legacy or lasting global imprint. i hope to be remembered in letters i write to my children. in blogs or journals or notes that are happened across in meaningful moments. i hope that my mistakes are remembered and forgiven. i hope i am enough for my children and they do even better with theirs.

i hope my boys remember the love i have for them. that i was fun and that they made me proud.

they will remember terrible handwriting, loud music and books. maybe it will encourage them to write, sing and read.

when you think of me know that it’s ok. you are ok, i am ok and it will be ok. as it should be.

and know that there wasn’t enough time, but we did our best with what we had and it meant something. and remember with peace and when you are remembering, let the moment envelope you with feeling and know that i remember too.


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  1. And the girls were alright. I have so many notes from you tucked into my memory box. When I need reminding of why I write I read our correspondence for through prose and books I remember you and all the love and support you have provided and continue to do so to this day. xx

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