CW Challenge : Day 6


I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday — Eleanor Roosevelt


my biggest boy shuns sleep. always has. this is one of the few ways he mirrors his mother, as i was in childhood. it was nearing midnight. i was awake because i am in the midst of this cough that is causing great havoc during the time i like to reserve to sleep. i was returning to bed to continue to try to sleep when I met Jack, he was headed towards the kitchen. i tilted my head and looked at him. he tried to ignore me. i stepped sideways and draped my arm over his shoulder and asked him what he was doing.

my little boy had not yet fallen asleep yet. he was starting to become bored.

he was on his way to the fridge. he wanted a freezie. at midnight.

i swept him around in a circle and sent him back to bed. he smiled at me. he knew. but he was bored. so he thought he’d try. truth is, his plan was only foiled because i was dealing with a coughing fit.

how could it have went?

i could have squeezed his shoulder and accompanied him to the kitchen, grabbed two frozen bits of flavour and spent an extra five minutes with my biggest boy. he is quickly approaching eight and a midnight freezie will most likely soon be the least of my worries. i didn’t even consider this option until prompted by this challenge in creativity today.

would today be different? i would have had a midnight snack that i don’t particularly enjoy. my little boy would have hung out with his mom when he should have been sleeping. but essentially, today would be the same.

it could have been a lovely moment, added to the many other lovely moments the two of us share. it could have turned into a request for more freezies. where would it have ended? a lovely moment could have turned difficult.

it was a moment of a smile and a little plan foiled. it could have been more or less or better or worse. it was what it was and it was something i will remember for a long time. it was a story he was giggling about with his brother this morning. it was just as it was meant to be.


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