CW Challenge : Day 5


life-goes-on-dockone of the most difficult things that life teaches us (or at least tries to so often) is that it goes on. it waits for no one and no thing. and as long as we are willing, able, forced or reluctant to, the road is under our feet.

sometimes it’s paved and the journey is easy.
sometimes it’s dirt and the journey is dusty and fogged.
sometimes it’s steep and the journey takes our breath from us.
sometimes it’s gravel and the journey hurts our feet.
sometimes it’s sand and we can look back and see where we’ve been with ease.
sometimes it’s pot-holed and dangerous and the journey is a treacherous maze of obstacles and we hardly make it out in one piece.

as long as we are here, the road is available for us to travel on. there are no benches. no real rest stops. and when we cease to walk upon it, it continues for everyone else left behind. it matters not how reluctant they are to put one foot in front of the other, they must, for the road goes ever on.


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