CW Challenge: Day 3


live out of your imagination, not your history. — Stephen Covey

the world wept. there was a blanket of pain and sorrow that swept with the seas and covered the land with sorrow. and there was a pause that followed. it was heavy and brief. and in the days that followed, there was a sigh and a carrying on. for that is what the moments do to us – they let us use them up and they hand us off to the conveyer tugging towards later. the moments do not last. the moments do not change. they change us, perhaps, they even change the world. they join us or they force us apart. they end with a period, if we are lucky with a comma or a bracket, but they end.

they matter most to those who are closest to them. for the rest of us who wept, the details may get fuzzy, they may fade. if the moment brought enough power with it when it sauntered through, it will be celebrated or memorialized, but it will never feel exactly the same. moments never do.

the moments in our past need not define us. be they wonderful or the opposite, that history should not become everything. our accomplishments demand sharing or further pursuit. our failures deserve some contemplation and closure. the moments of our history deserve our feelings and deserve our attention but do not deserve our life. there are too many yet to come.


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