CW Challenge : Day 2


if you don’t feel it, flee from it. go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated. — Paul F. Davis

i wish i were so much, so many, so more, much less, and enough.

but we wish we were... too much. we try to keep up with these imaginary check points and these people. these people who will always have more, or less. who will always be better or worse. there is always someone or somehow to wish to be.

we are who we are and wishing to be someone else is like wishing for a weight we need not carry. but alas, we sink our shoulders, brace our knees and carry on.

my wish is that we find contentment. that it is not old age when it saunters in, but sooner. that it is not as we become elderly when we find comfort in the skin that houses us, but we realize that perhaps we do the very best we can in the moment we find ourselves in. that we are the best we can be when we are mindful and present.

and perhaps most importantly, that we are able to find the strength and endurance to persevere. to change when it is needed and to accept the good, always. to seek and be surrounded by those who appreciate our set-backs and our things that we stopped wishing away and decided to hold tight to. and i am hopeful that we are that person to others – the one who celebrates that what is and sees the good and pushes on, and realizes that it is ok and that the wishes of what we were are not usually as important as the endurance of what we are.

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