i was up two kids this saturday. when the five friends are together, i often get asked if they’re all mine (with horror) or just see eyes that say ‘whoa’ under stretched brows and quizzical looks. because my boys don’t look particularly related, one could reasonably wonder if the five of these crazies were siblings. in a couple of years, there will be one to fill each of the years 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4.

t, c, j, m + a

t, c, j, m + a

their mom and i have known each other for a long time, and real friendship began when our kids ended up in the same jk class. we get along because we are both low maintenance friends. we laugh at the same things and we appreciate the difficulties we encounter. we raise these five hooligans with similar values and we care about each others kids enough to accept the weirdness each one exhibits.

we have laughed together as our youngest children got physical over a power wheels with a dead battery; as they both [being bossy and stubborn] demand compliance from the other.

it’s nice when you can welcome other kids in your house and you know you can deal with them as you’d deal with your own. it’s even better when they find friendship amongst themselves. it makes watching your kids grow older a little easier.

as moms, she and i value an absence of drama, moments to ourselves and happy kids.

and, as demonstrated on saturday, our children value mud.

you should have seen the bathtub

you should have seen the bathtub



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